Tether USDT to naira exchange rate today

USDT Value Rate (₦)
$100 - Below
₦ 1150
$100 - $1000
₦ 1160
$1000 - Above
₦ 1170

Daily USDT to naira exchange rate


USDT to naira exchange rate: This USDT rate table is updated daily. You may want to bookmark this page so you can easily revisit it when the need arises.


What is the best app to sell USDT in Nigeria?


The best app to sell USDT in Nigeria is the Dtunes app which is available on Apple app store and Google play store


How do I sell USDT in Nigeria?


Selling USDT in Nigeria is as easy as swallowing your saliva. Follow the steps below to sell your USDT:

  1. Download Dtunes app on app store or play store
  2. Create an account for yourself
  3. Sign-in to setup your bank details and transaction pin
  4. Proceed to click on trade crypto on the app home page
  5. Select USDT, then proceed to fill in the amount you wish to sell.
  6. Initiate the transaction and what for it to be processed
  7. Processing takes few seconds then your funds is sent to your wallet
  8. You can now proceed to withdraw your funds to your naira bank account.

Click this link to learn more about how to sell USDT in Nigeria.