How to trade your iTunes card for cash

trade your iTunes card for cash

trade your iTunes card for cash: Do you have a giftcard you want to trade directly for instant cash? Or are you looking for a way to sell that giftcard you have to sort your bills?

Well, your search is over. Follow me through as I show you how you can change your iTunes card directly to naira.

ITunes cards are pre-registered credits loaded on a card by iTunes store to serve as an alternative to a credit card or cash. ITunes cards are pre-loaded with a specific amount and can be used for a variety of purposes.

You can use iTunes card to purchase everything on Apple’s iTunes store

Ranging from apps, books, music, movies, and a lot more.

If you have an iTunes card, but do not want to use it for apps or music. But you will prefer to convert it directly to cash, how do you go about it?

That’s where an exchange platform comes in.
Exchange platforms will collect your iTunes card and give you the Naira equivalent of it.

But there’s a little problem with exchange platforms.

With thousands of scammers disguising as exchange platforms, which exchange will you trust?

Even when you find the legit ones, how do you identify the best one for you?

Worry no more!

We have the perfect solution for you.

How to trade your iTunes card for cash

Dtunes app is the most secure and legit trading platform to trade your iTunes card and every other giftcard.
Dtunes is not just trusted and legit, but they give you the best rate.
When you trade on Dtunes app, you get correct money equivalent for your cards.

Rates wey dey sweet bodi
And it’s super fast. In less than a minute of trading on the Dtunes app, you get your cash in your bank account
Gbagam! Money don land

Trade your iTunes card for cash

So…now, how do you trade on Dtunes app?

1. The first thing you want to do is download the app on Play store. 

2. Register and verify your account 

3.Add your bank details and all necessary information

4. Select iTunes card or any card you want to trade

5. Upload the card

6. Your card gets verified, and gbagam! Money don enter your account

6. Your card gets verified, and gbagam! Money don enter your account

All simple and easy.

Now you can trade your ITunes and other giftcards,  easy and secured.
You can also buy airtime, pay your subscription, electricity, and other bills on Dtunes app.


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